The next step in creating your song is to record it.Be it Vocals, Instruments, Live Bands, Voice-Overs etc. we got it covered.

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Audio Production

The first step in creating your song is to compose it. From writing original lyrics to composition & complete audio production, our in-house team focuses on ensuring to create a master-piece in various dimensions such as Jingles, Original Songs, Background Scores, SFX and many more projects.

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Jingles & Radio Spots

Songs & Live Recorded Tracks

Background Music & SFX work

Video Production

To elevate the impact of your song, a music video is a must and we have it all. Our studio space enables us to shoot indoor videos using our varied options of backdrops including Chroma.
Our team is well versed with all types of Video Edits such as for: Showreels, Corporate Videos, Music Videos etc. to get it ready for the masses.

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Music Videos

Trailers & Showreels

Pre-Recorded Concerts

Off the RREcord - series

Live Streaming

As we transition into a life with technology at the forefront, we are equipped and well-versed with the improvements and the changes it brings in our culture and we have it figured out . From having an acoustic studio space, high-speed leaseline internet connection, technicians and industry-standard gear, we have seamlessly hosted a lot of Virtual Events & Concerts in various dimensions.

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Virtual Concert

Virtual Event

Mix & Master

Every song needs that professional touch to be ready for the market and our team of sound engineers along with an in-house infrastructuremake sure to meticulously improve the quality of your song and elevate the emotion your song is trying to showcase.

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Songs & Live Performances

Jingle & Radio Spots

Voice-Over Artists & Translations

We all need a voice to better represent our brand and we provide that with our own network of professional Voice-Over Artists & Translators in multilingual languages both in India & Abroad.

Listen to some of the languages samples here:

RRE Catalogue

Our catalogue presents the finest musical creations in various genres created by our in-house team members.