Our state of the art studio enables artists to record the finest vocals with live instruments and produce music in any dimension. The space also features a jam room, shoot space, video edit room as well as a music production room.

We support the artist in every stage of music creation and production. From song writing, arranging and dubbing, to mixing and mastering, we provide an integrated platform where we create, record and produce original scores, recreations, jingles and background scores.

We curate and string together lyrical, musical and pictorial works, to form a masterpiece. Our stories make your ideas and brand philosophy come to life as a true representation of your work, across the globe.

We curate social media campaigns to promote brands through the use of exclusive graphics, astute editorials and exquisite wordplay.

Our dedicated events team has expertise in organising conferences, exhibitions, concerts, product launches or any kind of digital engagement activity, seamlessly in the virtual space. We also offer Hybrid event support, where an on-ground team is present from start to finish and is ably supported by the virtual back-end team.Our cutting-edge 2D and 3D technological models ensure that each virtual event is unique and offers spectators a chance to feel they are attending it in reality.

We bridge the gap between consumers and artists by curating and coordinating profiles that match specific requirements and budgets. We represent artists by listing their profiles on our platform and help them generate leads for projects.

We design exclusive publicity campaigns for brands and artists. Artists can avail ofour excellent design artworks for their albums, as well as for promotional artworks, video teasers and other promotional content.

We have expertise in designingall the publicity material for brand campaigns, such as master event artworks, standees, logo walls and other collaterals that are needed on-ground or on digital platforms.

We are also known for our IEC materials designed especially for NGO’s and charities, to promote causes or social messages etc.