How to make your music reach your desired audience?

Have you struggled from not being able to make your music reach your desired audience? I have too and the trick I found which helped me reach them is to be consistent and up-to-date with trends.

This might sound like a lot but after posting reels consistently every week with trending topics has led towards significant growth for our channel. Now you can argue music is different from reels but trust me, these principles apply in every field and I’ll tell you how to get your music to your target audience.

Ways to get your music to the right audience:

1) Believe in Yourself

Firstly you gotta believe in yourself. I heard Jay-Z say that there is a knowing in being an artist and if you don’t have that knowing of yourself, then it’s hard to be successful. You need that confidence within yourself when you present your song and only then you will see an impact being created.

2) Artwork

After your song is mastered and ready to be released, you need some Artwork to visually convey the emotion of your song. Artworks are usually the first thing many people will see when they come across your work and you need to have something which can catch their attention and convey the meaning of your song. You can watch countless tutorials on YouTube to create artwork for your music or pay an artist to create one for you, the choice is yours.

Just by looking at the artwork, you can recognize the albums. That’s what you should aim for.

3) Music Videos

Along with the artwork, you need to have a Music Video. Now these are expensive but there are many cheaper alternatives to produce a high quality music video with the technology you have at your disposal. You simply need to follow the theme being conveyed via your music and artwork and the rest will fall in place.

4) Copyrighting

You must learn about Copyright Laws and Distribution Platforms. There are a lot of instances where musicians are not paid properly for their art and you must have the right knowledge so your music doesn’t get used without you being compensated for it. You need to get your song licensed legally and distributed by a certified entity like Horus Music, DistroKid or TuneCore so you do not struggle with any legal issues with your music in the future.

5) Marketing

And lastly, you need to promote your song and the video (if you made any) to reach the targeted audience. We live in a time period where social media has made communication easier than ever before and you must use that to your benefit. You must know how social media works so that you can not only socialise with like minded people, but also promote your song to people who don’t know you, to further extend the reach of your music.

That’s more or less the groundwork you need to build upon to tap into the market you want to and that’s what we did with RRE.

If you want further help then come by the Studio and we’ll help you understand the dynamics of the industry even better.

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