By Noor Anand Chawla

Being indoors for the better part of the year 2020 encouraged many talented artists to set up their own makeshift recording studios at home. While this crafty manoeuvre serves its purpose as a temporary operation, it can never replace a professional recording studio setup when recording live instruments. The services offered by RRE Studios in Delhi-NCR prove this well.

Professional Recording Studio Setup

Home studios have come a long way from their humble beginnings, with easy access to high-quality technology and recording equipment. However, there are many distinct advantages to recording live instruments in a professional recording studio setup. These include accessibility to an optimal space booked exclusively for the artist; the option of using state-of-the-art equipment such as professional microphones, preamps and outboard gear; supervision of the entire recording process by professional engineers and producers who provide expert opinions at no extra expense; and perhaps most importantly, the ability to access the best possible acoustics.


A professional recording studio setup cannot be recreated at home due to restrictions of space and sound. The number of people who share one’s home, noisy neighbours, and general household sounds, are severely restrictive when it comes to seamless recording. Additionally, one may find it challenging to carve out a significant area in their home to place and record live instruments. A professional recording studio setup is the ideal solution to the cramped and loud environment of a home studio.

The acoustically treated rooms of RRE Studios address these needs specifically. Apart from offering a convenient space for live streaming, they also have a seamless LAN internet connection to ensure the recording process is never disrupted. This is further enhanced by their exclusive indoor shoot space where one can avail of Chroma and other backdrops of one’s choice.

State of the art equipment at a professional recording studio setup


An artist may equip themselves with the best solo equipment on the market, but having access to a studio’s microphone locker is essential for rendering superior quality sound. It is extremely important for an artist to be able to access different microphones that serve distinct purposes, and can be used for various instruments and acoustical needs. Though it is possible to have a detailed microphone locker in a home setup, it is an expensive and foolhardy proposition. Even the best microphones are severely affected by degraded signals caused by other substandard equipment being used in the entire setup. RRE Studios is very particular about the equipment it uses, always ensuring that it exceeds the expectations of the artists.

The Neumann TLM 103 Microphone


An experienced sound engineer or producer is equipped to address every possible need that may arise in a live recording. They also offer a fresh perspective when an artist feels stuck or lost. Their expert handling of equipment further optimises the entire experience of recording live. RRE Studios stands apart from its competitors in this regard, as it has been founded by an experienced Music Producer – Rajshree Agarwal.

Team of experts guide you in a professional recording studio setup


Recording in a home setup necessarily means one must wear different hats all at once – be the creative person and the technical person, the artist and the engineer together. This multi-tasking, though certainly possible, may adversely affect the ability of the artist to perform to their best. The ideal solution, therefore, is to outsource these extra roles by recording in a professional studio setup. At a professional studio, one hires professionals to handle the technical aspects of recording, leaving the artist to do what they do best – simply create.

Do what you love at a professional recording studio setup an leave the rest to the experts!


Professional recording studio setups have been built with the intention of offering acoustic spaces that are optimal for the recording of live music. Acoustics are easily affected by the natural sounds emerging from the instrument, on the basis of its condition, make and environmental factors; as well as by the ambient sounds of a room. A professional recording space is geared to optimise the sounds made by professional instruments.

Recording for large groups such as ensembles and orchestras comes with its own challenges, which can often only be addressed in a professional recording studio setup. For example, isolation booths made specifically for this purpose, enable musicians to avail the advantage of playing alone yet performing with others as if in the same room. It is important for musicians to hear the exact sound so they can utilise it or manipulate it as they want, and this is only possible with a modern cue mix system and a personal monitor mixer for each musician – usually available only in a professional recording studio setup.

Multiple recording spaces in a professional recording studio setup

Any artists that are serious about capturing high quality live performances with their instruments must look for a professional recording studio setup. RRE Studios located in Faridabad, Delhi-NCR provides access to state-of-the-art recording equipment and four recording rooms. Further, the dedicated team of professionals willingly offer advice on how an artist can achieve their exact goals and gain recognition for their work.

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